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Rocca del Lago 2020/2021
Olio Rocca del Lago 2020/2021 Olio Rocca del Lago 2020/2021
Rocca del Lago 2020/2021

East Garda extra virgin olive oil DOP 

It is produced from the Casaliva, Leccino and Pendolino varieties in different quantities. It comes from our olive groves overlooking the lake and completely exposed to the sun. These are plants with a centuries-old tradition that have found their maximum splendour in this lucky strip of land. This gives us a prosperous annual harvest of olives that are put into production for the extra vergin olive oil, Rocca del Lago, GARDA DOP. Pleasing to the palate, Rocca del Lago Extra Virgin Olive Oil is characterised by delicate, fruity taste with a hint of sweet almonds. It enjoys low acidity and excellent digestibility. It is the perfect oil to combine with all kinds of dishes.

€ 12.5
General Information
Land Area
approx. 4 hectares
500 bottles
Olive grove
Olive Groves
Olive groves in the hills at La Rocca, in Bardolino
Moraine hills-medium soil, facing east.
Casaliva, leccino and pendolino in varying quantities
Type Of Cultivation
Open pot
Olive Tree Density/ Ha
Various, olive trees located between terraced vineyards
Average Age Of Olive Trees
10-15 years
Harvesting Technique
Hand picking
Oil analytical data (Test report 2100189)
Defoliation, washing of the olives followed by milling (pressing) of the whole olives on the day of harvesting.
February 2022
Production process
Acidity (In Oleic Acid)
No. Of Peroxides
Rectangular 0,5lt - colour green
Numbered label
Boxes of 6 vertical bottles