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A unique and precious territory, shaped by nature and the overwhelming beauty of Lake Garda. 

The property is situated on a hilly area and covers a surface of 10 hectares.   
The land begins at the limit of La Rocca Camping Village, at an altitude of 90 metres a. s. l. and goes up to the highest point at 380 metres a. s. l.  
The area is characterised by large terraces, shaped over time by the natural events that have determined its current conformation.  
The land is divided as follows  
- 3 hectares of vineyard, with: garganega, trebbiano and cortese, and other local native varieties  
- 3 hectares of olive groves with: casaliva, leccino and pendolino and other indigenous varieties.  
- 1 hectare of farm animals;  
- 1 hectare meadow;  
- 2 hectare natural wood;  

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